SCC QSP Fundraiser

The SCC has launched a QSP Bloom fundraiser.  Families can purchase flowers, magazines and various home decor items.  Student sellers can earn prizes based on their sales and proceeds from this fundraiser will help the SCC to fund various events and purchase supplies to support our students.

Deadline for orders is April 13

Robb Nash SCC fundraisers

Rosemont Community School grades 6-8 have been invited to attend a very special event. The Robb Nash Project is coming to Regina on a big scale. If you haven’t heard of Robb Nash or of the great work he does, take a minute to google him or check out his website. The Robb Nash Project depends on donations to keep spreading the word about Mental Health.

SCC Clothing Sale

The Roesmont School Community Council is selling school clothing.  The deadline to place orders is September 29.  Please make Cheques payable to Rosemont SCC.  Order forms can be brought to the office with a cheque.

Order information can be found here: