Head lice

From time to time head lice comes into the school.  If your child has nits or lice, please let the school know so that we can inform parents and ensure it does not spread.  If you require treatment for your child and family, we do keep a supply on hand at the school, you simply need to let Mrs. Goertzen know when you call the school. If we detect headlice at school, parents/ guardians will be contacted and the child/children will be sent home with treatment shampoo.  Here is a checklist for effective treatment and prevention of head lice:

Head Lice Checklist


  • If your child has head lice or nits in his/her hair, you should do something about it the same day to prevent spread to someone else in your family, neighbourhood or school.
  • Reassure the child or adult with head lice that he/she will be okay, but the treatment and nit removal will take some time and patience.
  • Treat the head lice with head lice shampoo.  Other members in the home that have head lice or nits or sleep in the same bed should be treated at the same time.
  • Remove nits at the time of treatment and daily for the next 3 weeks.
  • Make sure you check everyone in your family for nits or head lice.  Check daily for 3 weeks.
  • Notify others who have been in direct contact with your child including schools, daycares, friends, relatives and neighbors so they can check for head lice.
  • Children may return to school after the first treatment has been completed and nits are removed.
  • Wash headgear, pillowcases and towels in hot soapy water for at least 20 minutes.
  • Wash bunny hugs/hoodies/clothing worn recently to school.
  • Non-washable items such as pillows may be dry-cleaned, or stored in sealed bags for ten days or frozen for 48 hours.
  • Retreat the person with the same head lice shampoo or cream rinse 7 days after initial treatment.
  • Phone a Public Health Nurse (306 766-7700) if you have questions or concerns about head lice.


Thank you for assisting in preventing the spread of head lice in our school.