Brr it is cold outside

We live in Saskatchewan and, unfortunately, cold weather is part of our climate.  Please send your children to school wearing appropriate clothing for the weather including boots, coats, mittens, toques, scarves and ski pants.  Please label outdoor clothing.  We check the weather 5 minutes prior to recess using the Environment Canada Weather information , if the temperature is -26 or colder, we will have an indoor recess.  If the temperature is -25 or warmer, we will have outdoor recess and all students are expected to play outside.  Sometimes, the temperature changes throughout the day which may result in an indoor recess at 8:37 and an outdoor recess at 10:45.  If you would like to check the weather at home, please consult the Environment Canada forecast as some other weather apps and forecasts may report different temperatures; Regina Public Schools uses Environment Canada. Occasionally, we may also call an indoor recess if there are blizzard conditions, severe wind, severe rain, very icy conditions, or hail.  Thank you for your cooperation and for ensuring that your children are dressed for the weather!