Metis Flag Raising and Metis Week

Rosemont Community School accepted a challenge from F.W. Johnson administration, staff, and students to use Louis Riel Day, November 16th, and the week of Nov 16-20th, to ignite conversations around Indigenous leaders and raise our Metis Flag.  Alongside the flag-raising, Rosemont School embraced learning more about Metis people, culture and Louis Riel. Student leaders from grade 7/8 educated the students with interesting facts and information about Louis Riel and the Metis culture during morning announcements throughout the week. Students were given the opportunity to smudge. Bulletin boards highlighting interesting Metis content were proudly displayed throughout the school. Our grade 1/2 class embraced jigging by learning the dance AND creating a jigging video of themselves with information on the Red River Jig. Mrs. Exner even played The Red River Jig on the intercom while all the students enjoyed  their own socially distanced jig in class to the beautiful sounds of the fiddle music! Other students created stunning beadwork during art classes to boast their new found understandings.    Rosemont Community School was immensely proud to raise the Metis Flag and learn about Indigenous leaders and Metis culture!

“This is a small step towards reconciliation as we begin to throw a pebble to create some awareness” ~ Ms. Fayant, principal, F.W. Johnson.