Rosemont Community School Expectations

Hats, Bandanas and Hoods:
●   Hats are permitted on “hat days” only.  Hat day is the first and last day of each month.
●   Bandanas are not allowed to be worn at any time in school or on school property.
●   Hoods are not to be up in the school at any time.
Cell Phones and Electronics:
● Cell phones, Ipods and Ipads are brought to school at the parent's’ discretion. Rosemont 
Community School is not responsible for lost or damaged devices.
● Device use during the school day is at the discretion of the classroom teacher and/or lunchroom 
●   Devices are not to be taken out for or used at recess.
●   Devices are not to be used in the washrooms.
●   Any student abusing the device policy may have the following circumstances:
❏ 1st offence:  A warning and device held by the teacher for the remainder of the school day.
❏ 2nd offence:  Device held in the office for the remainder of the school day.
❏ 3rd offence: Device held in the office until a parent/guardian comes to collect it.
❏ Any device used in a manner that is not consistent with the values of Regina Public Schools w be 
considered a serious offence and the device will be held in the office until parents/guardian come 
in for a meeting and to collect the device.

● Please use appropriate language in the school and on the playground; no swearing at any time. 
Graffiti and writing on school property or buildings is prohibited.
Hands Off:
●   Please keep hands (and feet) to yourself at all times.
Playground Boundaries:
● The boundaries at recess are the last goal post in the field and the edge of the portables. 
Please stay away from the hockey rink and do not go behind the portables.
Lunch Break:
● Students who are not transported and are staying for lunch are required to have completed a lunch 
room registration form and fee in the office.
●   Students who stay for lunch must be present in their lunchroom with a supervisor.
● Students who go home for lunch are not to return to school before 12:30 as there is no 
supervision provided prior to that time.
● Students must follow the guidelines outlined in the Regina Public Schools Student/Parent 
Lunchroom Program Agreement.
Candy/Pop/Energy Drinks/Spits:
● Bring nutritious snacks to school. Candy, pop, energy drinks, sunflower seeds, etc. are not 
allowed in class, lunchroom, or on the playground. Students who bring these items will have them 
taken away.
●   Treat others as you would like to be treated all day, all the time.