School Cash Online

An easy to use and safe way to pay for your child's school fees and expenses.

Why use School Cash Online? 

  • Convenient: make secure payments 24/7 from the comfort of your own home
  • Easy to use: Online shopping with various payment methods
  • Safe:  Your child won't be carrying cash to school
  • Saves time: Manage your school expenses and view your payment history in one place.

Here’s how to register:

Step 1:     CLICK HERE to get to the School Cash Online website:

Step 2:     Follow the registration steps to set up an account and link your child/self to the account.

Step 3:     Access your School Cash Online account to review your account and make online payments.

Note: The friendly staff at the School Cash Online Parent Help Desk are available to 24/7 (365 days) to provide any assistance you may require using the online system. Assistance is available on the School Cash Online website, by emailing or by phone at 1-866-961-1803.

Please follow this link for a handy one page how-to guide to registration.