Cell phones reminder

  • Cell phones, Ipods and Ipads are brought to school at the parent's’ discretion.  Rosemont Community School is not responsible for lost or damaged devices.
  • No devices can be used and/or have on person at recess, lunch, in the hallways, and during class time (between the hours of 8:37am-3:22pm).
  • Devices are not to be used in the washrooms.  
  • Any student abusing the device policy may have the following circumstances:
    • 1st offence:  A warning and device held by the teacher or administrator for the remainder of the school day.
    • 2nd offence:  Device held in the principal or vice-principal's office for the remainder of the school day.
    • 3rd offence: Device held in the office until a parent/guardian comes to collect it.
    • Any device used in a manner that is not consistent with the values of Regina Public Schools will be considered a serious offence and the device will be held in the office until parents/guardians come in for a meeting and to collect the device regardless of whether is it a first or repeat offence or not.