Mosaic School Nutrition Challenge

Rosemont Community School was lucky enough to be one of the few recipients of the Mosaic Nutrition Challenge Grant, which has awarded us $10,000 towards nutritional programming! Because of these funds, we are able to plan 5 special meals for our Roadrunner families.  We will be sending home meal kits 5 times throughout the year to every family at Rosemont.  Included in the bag will be all of the ingredients needed, at least one utensil per kit as well as the instructions on how to prepare. Some of the kits may also have a link to a video where our nutrition coordinator, Mr. Abraham will demonstrate how to prepare the items! We hope that our families will take the time to read through the directions, as well as some ideas and tips on preparing healthy food for your family.  We also hope that you will show us what you made!  Please email your pictures to so that we can show them off on a bulletin board in the school for our roadrunners to see. We also encourage you to post pictures (if you are comfortable) and tag @mosaicincanada or our school twitter account @rosecomschool.  We are excited about this fun and exciting opportunity for our school!