Weather and clothes


Winter has arrived and with it some very cold weather!  We are noticing that many of our students are not dressed appropriately for the snow and cold!  All students should have a winter coat; a hoody or a sweater simply is not warm enough to be outside when it is minus 20 out!  Secondly, all students should have boots to keep their feet warm as well as mittens or gloves and a toque.  Ski pants are important for our little people!

If you are having trouble finding appropriate winter clothing, please let us know as we are often the beneficiaries of donations of coats and warm clothes from organizations.  We might be able to find something for your child if you are not able to.

Students are expected to be outside for recess before school, at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:15.  Indoor recess is only if the weather dips below minus 25 degrees.  Recess lasts 15 full minutes and students should not need to go into the school to warm up if they are dressed appropriately for the cold weather.

Please remember that if you are coming into the school it is important to check in at the office. For the safety of all students we cannot have adults, even parents, wandering in the halls or in the classrooms.  Mrs. Goertzen can page your child's classroom if you need to deliver items or pick them up early.

If you would like to have a meeting with a teacher or with administration, please call the school and book an appointment.  We would like to set aside appropriate time to talk with you, our staff and administration are heavily scheduled throughout the day and drop in visits are very difficult to co-ordinate.  We appreciate your co-operation with this and we look forward to hearing from you!

We hope to see everyone at 3 way conferences on Wednesday, November 22 for k-8 students and Thursday, November 23, K only.  Bring your wallets as we will be hosting a bake sale for the United Way of Regina.  The funds raised will go to the United Way's attendance matters campaign and the summer success literacy camps hosted by the United Way and Regina Public Schools.