Welcome back!


Welcome back everyone!

Just a few reminders for the new year:

1. Remember recess has moved to 3:22-3:37.  Students who walk home after school are dismissed from the playground.  Parents who are coming to pick up their children k-8 should pick them up from the playground.  Students will not becoming back into the school after 3:22 unless they are part of the before and after program.Pre-K students will be dismissed as usual.

2. We have a few staff members and students who are highly allergic to scented products.  Please refrain from washing your children's clothes using scented detergents and scented fabric softeners or scented products like Unstoppable scent booster.  Also refrain from wearing our sending your children wearing perfumes or scented body products.like Axe or Bath and Body works lotions and sprays. These products can cause migraines and allergic reactions and can result in missed school for students and missed work for staff.

Thank you for your cooperation.