Robb Nash

We are so fortunate that our grade 6- 8 students will be able to participate in the Robb Nash Supershow once again this year.  We know how vulnerable our youth are to mental health and anxiety related issues and this incredible presentation engages students, shares resources and strategies for dealing with mental health and anxiety while encouraging conversation an


Parents and guests, please refrain from parking in the staff parking lots, these spots are reserved for staff and many need to come and go at different times of the day.  Parking is available across the street from the school on Horace and on both sides of 3rd avenue.  We have had many issues of parents parking in staff spots or boxing staff members in.  If you are

Scent free workplace

Did you know that essential oils can cause severe allergy symptoms?  Students, staff and guests to our building, please do not use essential oils, perfumes, scented body lotions, scented detergents, body sprays and scented deodorants in our school building.