Conference Day

Families, please note that you and your child are encouraged to attend your scheduled conference time on Friday, November 22nd.  There are no regular classes on that day.  We are also hosting a clothing giveaway during the day so be sure to check that out.  We hope to see you there! 

Safe and Happy Halloween

Well, despite the snow Halloween is coming and we will be hosting a few events at Rosemont this week thank you to our Student Leadership Council. 

This week there will be a pumpkin carving contest and a pizza party prize donated by our School Community Council.  Pumpkins donated by No Frills.  We are so appreciative of their support.

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Safety Matters at Rosemont

During the month of October, Rosemont staff and students will be practicing many of our school safety drills to ensure that in any emergency we are prepared and know what to do.  So far we have practiced one Evacuation Drill (or Fire Drill) where everyone must safely and quickly leave the school.  For our first practice everyone got out quickly, safely, and were ac

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Orange Shirt Day

On September 30 our school, and all Regina Public Schools, participate in Orange Shirt Day.  We teach about this important day in schools so that every child learns that they and every single child matters.  We take time to honour the children who were forced to attend residential schools. 

Open House & BBQ

Join Us Tuesday, September 17, from 5:00-6:30 for our Open House and BBQ.


Teachers will be available to meet you in their classrooms and provide you with general information you may find helpful as the school year continues.