Pink Shirt Day

The student leadership team has sent home an order form for Pink Shirt Day shirts.  The cost of these shirts is $8.00.  The price was not included on the original note!  The form and money must be back February 6.  No late orders can be accepted.

Thank you for supporting pink shirt day!

Attendance Incentive

Unfortunately, we had a number of students with extremely poor attendance in January.  We know that less than 91% attendance is considered chronic absence and we had many students less than 75% in January.  For this reason, the SCC has graciously put together a February attendance incentive to target these vulnerable students. Every k-8 student with January

Crystal Clear Support Group

The Crystal Clear Support Group's purpose is to provide intense addition programming to enhance individuals and families.  The program will help families and individuals afflicted by crystal meth addiction and the core issues associated (residual effects from residential school trauma, mental health, cultural identity etc.) Ultimately, stabilizing individuals and f