Celebration of Learning

Our Rosemont Celebration of Learning will take place on Friday, March 8.  There will be no school for students that day.  Families with last names beginning with A-K are encouraged to attend in the morning between 8:30 and 11:30 and families with the last name L-Z are encouraged to come in the afternoon between 12:45-3:45.  This will help ensure not everyone comes

Safety after school

With the cold weather, we have a number of students who normally walk home being picked up from school.  If your child is being picked up, kindly notify your child's teacher in the agenda planner, by e-mail or by phoning the school to ensure that the student and teacher are aware of the arrangements, especially when they are different than normal.

Drug Awareness Presentation

Constable Petkau gave a presentation to our grade 5-8 students on drug awareness.  Students learned about various types of drugs, their affects and dangers associated with use and misuse of a variety of drugs.  We learned a lot and hope that our students make good decisions and remember what is at stake when using drugs.  Just say no!